Oral Appliance Therapy
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Oral Appliance Therapy is used in the treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea. An FDA approved oral appliance is used to move the lower jaw forward which carries the base of the tongue off the back of your throat and opens up your airway. If a patient has been diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea and is not tolerating CPAP oral appliance therapy may be an effective and elegant way of treating one’s disease. If you are a loved one suspects they may have obstructive sleep apnea we have at home screening devices, which we can send home with you to see whether further sleep studies are warranted. Please feel free to call and ask about this service.

Medicare Approved Oral Appliance Therapy may be FREE

We are Medicare approved office for oral appliance therapy in the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea. If you have been diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea and are unable to tolerate your CPAP equipment you may be eligible for a FREE ORAL APPLIANCE!

If the following apply;

  1. Your sleep physician agrees you would benefit from oral appliance therapy
  2. You have Medicare Part B
  3. You have Supplemental Insurance

What Are Some Examples of Oral Appliances?

Modified Herbst Appliance: This appliance is MEDICARE APPROVED due to its 'hinge' and design. It has telescopic rods connecting the upper and lower parts together. The telescopic rods are threaded which allows them to be adjusted to the best position.

Modified Herbst oral appliance

Dorsal Fin Appliance: Generally, this type of appliance has large, plastic fin-like projections coming up from the lower part which rest on acrylic blocks. These acrylic blocks are attached to the outside of the upper appliance. The upper blocks push the “fins” forward thereby causing the lower jaw to move forward. The upper blocks have screws, which are used to adjust the appliance to the best position. This type of appliance tends to be the most comfortable since the upper and lower parts are not attached to one another and the jaw can move more freely.

Dorsal Fin oral appliance

The TAP (Thorton Adjustable Positioner) Appliance: The TAP Appliance has an upper and lower component which are attached near the front teeth. A hook-like element from the upper appliance engages on a bar on the lower appliance and pulls the lower jaw forward. The appliance can be adjusted or 'titrated' to its most efficient position by turning a screw.

The TAP oral appliance


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