New treatment techniques for bruxism (clenching and grinding) have made it possible for individuals to effectively reduce symptoms of these common conditions with immediate and long-lasting results. Richboro Dental Excellence now offers botulinum toxin therapy XEOMINÆ, which is known to successfully relieve bruxism and a variety of TMJ Disorder symptoms for many patients. Dr. Malakoff-Kane has been extensively trained to perform these treatments, which can be conveniently performed right here at our practice. For patients who are interested in the cosmetic applications of BOTOXÆ and XEOMINÆ injections, Dr. Malakoff-Kane is also certified by the American Academy of Facial Esthetics to administer these treatments for facial rejuvenation.

BXEOMINÆ is an injectable solution composed of a purified form of a protein called botulinum toxin type A. This protein works by relaxing overactive muscles surrounding the temporomandibular joint, which can diminish many symptoms associated with TMD. Over time, like any other muscle that is no longer as active, the hyperactive muscles involved reduces to a more appropriate size. This effect is helpful to mitigate damage to teeth caused by persistent clenching and grinding. When used long-term, this treatment can also help to contour the shape of the face for a more narrow jawline.

For most patients, the results from XEOMINÆ injections last approximately 90 days. Follow-up injections can help maintain the effects once they begin to fade. With subsequent treatments, many patients need less of the solution and begin to experience results that last for longer periods of time since the muscles are being re-conditioned to reduce activity.

During the initial appointment, Dr. Malakoff-Kane will complete a thorough evaluation of facial esthetics and muscles involved in chewing/clenching/grinding. Dosing for the treatment will be determined at this time. The actual procedure takes about 10 minutes to complete and includes a few small injections. A noticeable change will appear within 7-14 days and at two weeks, Dr. Malakoff-Kane will re-evaluate to determine if any enhancements are necessary.

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