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130 Almshouse Road, Suite 406, Richboro, PA 18954 - 215-396-9200 - moc.selimSetimanyD%40stnemtnioppa

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We invest in the latest and best Dental Technology to help provide delivery of high-quality dentistry in a comfortable friendly atmosphere. Our focus is on providing high-quality dentistry in the most efficient way. We realize you have better things to do.

VelScope Oral Cancer Screening

Oral cancers have significantly been on the rise in recent years. They are insidious lesions which are difficult to detect. We have recently incorporated VelScope Oral Cancer Screening into our routine examinations in an effort to increase early detection. The VelScope works by committing a high intensity light of the specific wavelength, which excites oral tissue in the presence of different disease states. If there is disease present or an anomaly found the light causes it to be much more visible than with conventional lighting. If you have any questions please feel free to ask us.

Digital X-Rays

Our office only uses digital radiography. Digital x-ray has the benefit of being able to use less radiation and get more information. Digital radiography uses 1/10 to 1/20 of the radiation exposure associated with conventional film based x-rays. The results are seen almost immediately since development is not necessary to raise an image off of film. That significantly reduces a patient’s chair time when performing many procedures which require x-rays be taken. Because the x-rays are digital computer manipulation is possible, which allows for many more viewing options. In many cases anomalies become more apparent than they would be with regular film based x-rays.

CBCT (Cone Beam Computerized Tomography)

We have invested in Cone Beam x-ray technology. This x-ray machine allows us to take a variety of necessary x-rays with only one machine. It can take standard panoramic x-rays. It can take orthodontics cephalometric x-rays. For patients which are “gaggers” we are able to take routine bite wing x-rays without placing and x-ray sensor in their mouth. Furthermore, the machine is capable of taking 3-D x-rays of teeth and bone, which are far superior to conventional x-rays for the diagnosis of dental fractures, root canal therapy and in the treatment and placement of dental implants. Not only does this machine gives significantly more information than conventional x-ray it operates at a significantly lower dosage of radiation.

Computer Guided Implant Placement

When Implants Are Placed in Our Office many different technologies are Incorporated to give our patients the best chance of implant success with the lowest chance of surgical complications. Our Cone Beam x-ray machine allows us to see underneath the soft tissue and visualize the bone in three dimensions. This allows us to see the surgical site and surrounding structures and plan for a shorter procedure with more accuracy and greater success rate than ever before possible. Nearly all of our surgeries use implant guide templates, which are computer-generated from the cone beam x-rays. That surgical guide allows for the placement of implants while minimizing the risks associated with trauma to the surrounding tissues. In most cases there are no sutures necessary and healing and implant integration is faster. If you are considering implants please feel free to come in for a complimentary consultation to let us show you how easy it can be.

CEREC® Crowns

CEREC is a technology for restoring damaged teeth, and this restoration can be completed in a single visit to our Richboro office. It makes your teeth stronger and more beautiful — all while keeping your teeth looking natural. The restoration is metal-free and the high-grade ceramic material is compatible with the natural tissue found in your mouth. CEREC crowns are made in one visit, saving you considerable time.

Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry has revolutionized the way patients receive dental treatment. The Waterlase iPlus uses the high-tech combination of YSGG (yttrium-scandium-gallium-garnet) laser energy and water to provide a more comfortable dental experience with lasting results.The Waterlase iPlus is so precise that your doctor is able to perform restorations to the teeth, gum, and bones without causing damage to surrounding areas in the mouth.

Painless injections CompuDent

The CompuDent system, featuring the Wand, is a computer-assisted system for local anesthesia. It carefully guides dental professionals, such as Dr. Shantzer, as they are performing dental injections. The key to its effectiveness is a computer-enhanced pump that controls the pressure and volume of anesthetic that produces an optimum flow while providing increased control and accuracy. Patients who experience this technology will find it offers less pain and more contained numbness for the area that is being treated by using single tooth anesthesia (STA).